Whether you need swimsuit photographs for a portfolio or wish to have a professional boudoir shoot for your personal collection, beautiful images that enhance your beauty and essence are only a booking away! Boudoir sessions can be booked in the comfort of your home, hotel/rental, or in our studio for the most control of your beautiful images! 
    Nervous? Insecure about your body? Do not worry, we are trained to pose you in ways that flatter you the most by accentuating your strong points and minimizing your flaws. You don't even have to wear lingerie if you feel uncomfortable.... many clients choose to wear oversized button up shirts, silky bathrobes, their partners' work uniforms, or even nothing at all but draped in luxurious fabrics at our studio. There are many options of attire without resorting to lace and fishnets that make a woman feel and look absolutely beautiful at her best! Feel free to give us a call at 843-421-4340 to discuss what will work best for your session!
      Hair and make-up can be added to your session for an additional $100 if desired. Boudoir attire is also  available for wear here at the studio for a $15 fee for cleaning/sanitizing after your session. You are required to wear your own skin colored undergarments when using our items for sanitary reasons. 

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