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Christmas portrait in Myrtle Beach

Christmas Photography in Myrtle Beach! The Studio.....
     In the Apple Butter Photography studio, the
possibilities for Christmas portraits are endless. Virtually any color scheme can be created for your portrait session.... you can have a blue Christmas, a purple Christmas, a teal Christmas, a pink Christmas..... you get the idea! We also always have an array of traditional Christmas colors to choose from and offer a variety of themes, such as formal "dress to impress", casual and classic, or down right COMFY in your Christmas pajamas! Here are some of our favorite set-ups we've used previously. Each year, new additions are added to the studio so we can offer you unique and exciting sets and props you cannot get anywhere else on the Grand Strand!             
       Also, make sure to "like" our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all of our outdoor Christmas mini-session dates and availability each year. Pictures of set-ups are always shown along with booking information, usually in September and October for the mini sessions that take place in November and/or December!

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