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Myrtle Beach Photography: Don't be afraid of black!

When families come to Myrtle Beach and want a beach photography session, they often ask, "What should we wear?"... and they always assume it should be the traditional white/cream attire! Don't get us wrong, those traditional colors are certainly fine and produce timeless, heirloom quality images.... but SO DOES BLACK! Black is a stunning color on the beach because it is in direct contrast with the surrounding nature, but also in sync with the surrounding nature. Hues of black are everywhere at the beach, and when you wear black, you pick up those hues all around you, making some very striking images to cherish for a lifetime. The ladies tend to like the slimming qualities of black as well, so it's a win-win for a beach photo shoot. When considering what to wear for your family's beach photography session, don't be afraid of black!

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