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Apple Butter Photography
School & Organization Photography 

        Apple Butter Photography helps schools, clubs, and organizations raise funds for themselves through professional portraiture. We call it our "Shoot for Profits Program". Through our program, an organization can provide a service to their students, parents, or clients by offering professional portraits and other images, all while the organization makes a percentage of the sales! This benefits everyone involved because the customer gets beautiful images they can cherish for a lifetime, and YOU make a generous profit to help your organization. 


*Not all organizations however, wish to charge their clients for images. In this case, you, the organization, would pay an outright fee to hire Apple Butter Photography to photograph your organization. This fee would be based on several factors, such as hours needed (there is an hourly rate of $125), amount of subjects to be photographed, etc. This type of session is to be handled via consultation. Please call us at 843-421-4340 for more information. This page, however, is dedicated to the fundraising operation. 

Some types of organizations that use this service: (not all are listed, many other organizations can use our services)

Schools, Public & Private 

Churches and Groups Within Them

Dance Classes/Teams

Music Groups, Bands, Orchestras, & Choirs 

Karate and Martial Arts Classes

Gymnastics Classes/Teams

Sports Teams


After-School Groups 

Golf Associations

Police Academies/Departments

Fire Stations 

Proms & Other Dances/Galas

Other Classes 

Athletic Groups/Associations

There are many benefits to contracting with Apple Butter Photography's school/organization department. Here are just a few:

  • You receive 20-30% of all sales generated. *

  • There are several portrait packages available to clients giving them several options. These packages range in prices, making it affordable for everyone. Packages are customizable, based on the needs of your organization. 

  • Cash, checks, money orders, and all major credit cards are accepted.

  • You will receive a final report of all individual sales made, all monies received, and all profits generated for your records, as well as a lump sum payment of your profits.

  • No hassle system: We set up, break down, organize students/members of the organization, and carry out the photo sessions with minimal help needed from your staff.

  • Customers pre-pay for the images. Collection takes place before the session, leaving you worry-free about orders that will never come in or take too long! People have busy lives, and pre-payment eliminates customers overlooking e-mails or forgetting payment deadlines. 

  • All correspondence sent home about portrait dates, payments, etc. will be provided by us.

  • All backdrops, lighting, seating, and props are provided, and there are numerous backdrops to choose from in addition to traditional portrait backgrounds, if desired.

  • The photo sessions take place at your location, typically during a time that students/members are already present. This minimizes absenteeism and increases your profits.

  • Quality of images is exceptional.

  • Our staff is professional, friendly, and courteous.

  • Turnaround time for the final product is quick, usually within 2-3 weeks after images have been taken.

  • Almost all parents invest in professional portraits of their child, and most members of organizations also purchase their portraits. This guarantees you an exceptional opportunity to make a generous amount of money for your institution/organization.

        When you contract Apple Butter Photography to photograph your organization, you are guaranteeing yourself extra money for your organization, stress-free profits where we are doing the work for you, and happy clients that will want to spend their money with you for portraits year after year. Below are more in-depth details about the process when deciding if you'd like to contract us for your organization's photography needs!

The Process


     An initial consultation will take place to determine your organization's needs. In this consultation, we will discuss your organization, approximately how many people will be photographed, the date/time that best suits the session, what type of packages you'd like to offer and the price point you'd like to stay around, what types of backdrops you feel are most fitting for the session (if backdrops are needed), if you'd like payments for packages to be collected before or after the images are taken, the process of our team setting up and breaking down equipment, privacy and consent issues with images, timelines from start to finish, etc. A basic assessment of what you want, and how we can offer it to you will be discussed. If you're unsure about any of the mentioned details, do not worry! Everything will be explained and discussed with you during the consultation. You do not have to know everything up front.... we are here to help you along the way! Any other concerns you might have, details not mentioned here, or questions you might have will all be addressed.

     After the consultation, if you decide to use our services for your organization, an initial contract, based on the information discussed during the consultation, will be made covering all those details. It will be submitted to you for approval, to address any adjustments or necessary changes that need to be made.  Once the contract is finalized and signed, Apple Butter Photography will be ready to shoot for your profits!

Things To Consider For Your Session


1. Do you need backdrops?

The need for backdrops is different for each organization. Dance classes may want a glittery or bright backdrop, karate classes may want a solid white or a solid black backdrop, a school might want the traditional grey canvas backdrop (ideal for portraits), while churches may not want a backdrop at all because they prefer their church setting. These are simply examples, but the needs and wishes of each organization vary. We have numerous backdrops to choose from, and these will be discussed in your consultation if you need a backdrop at all. 

2. What date and time will be the best for your session?

How many people get their photos taken directly affects how much money you will make. Therefore, you want to pick a date and time that the most people will be there to get their pictures taken. If your organization is a gymnastics class, for example, and your classes take place on Mondays-Wednesdays, you wouldn't want to choose a Saturday for your session, because then you risk people not being able to come. It is ideal to book your session on a day where people are already going to be there. This minimizes absenteeism and increases your profits! There also needs to be a set-up and break-down window for our staff. This window typically needs to be at least an hour before the session and an hour after, depending on the session.

3. What do you want printed on the flyers to be sent home notifying people of "picture day"? Is there any important information you want included?

It is always recommended that flyers be sent home at least 2 weeks before picture day is scheduled, if not more. This gives people time to prepare, and have the correct amount of money set aside for their images (prices and packages should always be put on the flyers). Other items that could be included on flyers (at your discretion) are required attire, time to arrive, if there will be group shots taken and when those will be shot, payment options, expected time frame for finalized product to be delivered, etc. There can be extensive other pertinent information that would need to be included on flyers, depending on your organization! Make sure you include anything you need added before flyers go to print!

4. Do you want to use the images taken of your organization for marketing, advertising, or other public display?

Many organizations who contract with us request the images be sent to them to use for marketing materials. While we have no problem providing the images to an organization, consent to use images is required of each individual photographed. This can easily be addressed by adding a signature line, where clients sign if they consent to having their images used, on the order form. This way, the people who do not consent can be omitted from the bunch. 









* The 20-30% commission is for digital packages only, tangibles are excluded. However, all packages are priced for digital images (where you would receive 20-30%); tangibles are considered add-ons for an additional charge to the parents/members. What percentage commission you make is determined by the size of your group, and the length of time you have been a client of ours. This will be discussed in your consultation.






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